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Direct Mailing Services
Direct mail is one of the most effective ways to advertise a business. PrintCentrics.com offers three types of mailing services.
Saturation (Bulk) Direct Mail
Send a piece of mail to everyone in a specified zip code or carrier route. PrintCentrics.com has the ability to exclude businesses, apartments, and PO Boxes if desired. To learn more, please visit our Saturation Mailing Services page.

Targeted Direct Mail
Looking to send your mail piece to a specific group of people or businesses? Targeted direct mail allows you to choose who gets your mail instead of sending your piece to everyone.

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)
Created in 2008 by the USPS, Every Door Direct Mail allows business owners the ability to send direct mail pieces without having to purchase a mailing list. Business owners can drop off their mail pieces to their local post office and their postal carrier will deliver their mail to every stop along their daily route.

New Movers Mailing Lists
Get to the new people in your area before the competition by using New Mover Mailing Lists to target the people that just moved into your neighborhood!

Here are a few ways PrintCentrics.com can help on deciding on the best mailing option for your business.
• Understanding the right audience and geographic areas for your promotion.• Choosing the best type of direct mail piece to properly relay your message.• Professional graphic design.• Formatting and organizing your direct mail pieces properly, so that when they are presented to the USPS, you will get timely and accurate delivery and lowest postage rates.

How do I make sure my pieces are being mailed properly and at the most cost-effective rate?
Direct mailing options can be a bit complex – you definitely want a certified USPS Mailing expert like PrintCentrics.com to help make sure you are getting the maximum discount on the postage you are paying to the USPS.

Oversized Postcard
Our oversized postcard is an extremely effective marketing piece that provides high visibility at a low cost. When direct mailed our oversized postcard can generate an exceptional ROI. This product is also twice the size of standard 4”x6” postcards.

Jumbo Postcard
Nothing jumps out of the mailbox like our Jumbo postcard. Our Jumbo postcard offers more marketing space than any other product available and is sure to make a huge impact. This product is over three times larger than the size of standard 4”x6” postcards.

New Mover Postcard
Welcome all those that move into your neighbor with an impactful postcard. We have the best list in the industry and can help you hit this new neighbor quickly with a hard hitting message to get them to visit your location first!

Birthday Mailing Postcard
Birthday Direct Mail Program Target customers on their birthday! You choose the area and we will design, print, and mail your audience every month.

You simply won’t find a Postcard Printer with cheaper prices. Because we handle all of our design, print, marketing and mailings services under one roof we are one of the most efficient marketing companies in the industry. This translates into big savings for you. Within seconds of reviewing our pricing it will become completely transparent that we simply crush our competitors’ prices.

Postcards have long been a tried and true way to generate leads and increase sales. Whether you are running an in house promotion that requires high quality cheap postcards or whether you need a direct mail piece with a proven track record for results, look no further than our oversized or jumbo postcards. Targeting new movers with a postcard welcoming them to the neighborhood is also another great use for a postcard.

Our oversized postcards and jumbo postcards are over two to three times the size of standard 4”x6” postcards, and our Jumbo postcards are almost guaranteed to be the largest piece of mail in the box. This ensures your marketing gets noticed every time.

The design of a postcard is also one of the most critical elements to any successful postcard marketing campaign. Because your design is so crucial to the success of your marketing it is extremely important that you partner with the right marketing company. We are experts in designing postcards and use a strategic approach to design all of our postcards which ensures you get the maximum results. Don’t just trust your marketing to any printer. The only option is to use a reputable marketing company that understands what drives results.

All of our postcards are also USPS approved and available for Full Service Direct Mailing & EDDM™ (every door direct mail™). **To learn more about the differences between EDDM™ & Full Service Mailings contact us today for more information (954) 655-9635.

Pricing varies depending on mailing…contact us for more details and pricing at (954) 655-9635 today!