Vehicle Wraps

Need A Wrap?

Vehicle Wraps = Visibility

In the advertising game, it all begins with visibility. When you are running a business that doesn’t necessarily have a highly visible base of operations, as many service-based industries don’t, you need to leverage the visibility that you do have. This means using your cars, trucks and or fleet vehicles for advertising. A proven way of doing this is vinyl vehicle wraps.

Estrella Printing & Graphics is in the business of designing, printing and installing high-quality vinyl vehicle wraps for cars, trucks and entire fleets. We serve all of South Florida!

Vinyl Vehicle Wraps Are Great Use of Your Advertising DollarVehicle wraps are one of the most effective means of advertising. You can get up to 1.26 million impressions a year, and we all know that more impressions generally means more customers and more business.

Design Help
• We can custom design your vehicle graphics or use your pre-existing logo.• We can make matching custom vinyl banners, mesh banners or pop-up banners to go with your vehicle logo.• We can also print window decals and even stickers & decals to match your vehicles so that you have brand consistency.

Starting as low as $9.99 per sq. ft. including installation. Call us to discuss details at (754) 707-1520.